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I'm so excited to be your child's fourth grade reading, writing and social studies teacher this year. In addition, I will be the technology liaison for Garcia Elementary and have my Google Educator Level 1 Chromebook Certification and I will be working as the lead teacher for the 4th grade amazing team at HPG.  I received my B.A. in elementary education from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and my M.Ed. in Educational Technology from Texas State University. My additional role will be as the technology liaison for Hector P. Garcia.  My conference time is 1:10 - 2:05 please feel free to contact me: or 254-215-6100 My teaching style is more student centered then teacher lead because the students are responsible for their learning, more motivated, engaged, and academically successful. My motto is simple, "It doesn't matter where you come from or your race because if you study, work hard, and live right then you can accomplish anything you set your mind to do". I believe that we have to approach education with the determination to affect each and every one of our students. The mentality of achieving "success" after reaching one child isn't enough. I approach each year with the knowledge that I have only one school year to make a life's worth of difference in each child in that classroom and I give it everything I've got!

Recent Posts

It's Garcia Gator News Storytime Tuesday. Me Rompi la Trompa! (Spanish Edition)

It's Garcia Gator News Storytime Tuesday. Me Rompi la Trompa! (Spanish Edition)

Garcia Gator News - Storytime Tuesday

HPG students share their favorite books during our segment called "Garcia Gator News - Storytime Tuesday."

Hector P. Garcia Elementary celebrated HIspanic Heritage Month

Hector P. Garcia Elementary, a National Recognized Professional Learning Community School celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month and the event was covered by our own Garcia Gator News Team.

Garcia Elementary Talent Show May 22, 2018

So much talent at Garcia Elementary! The judges had such a difficult time deciding because all our students are winners! Garcia Gators You Rock!

Garcia Elementary Supports Our Temple Wildcats!

Garcia Elementary Supports Our Temple Wildcat Football Team on their quest for a State Championship.  Go Wildcats! You Got This!

HPG 4th Graders Learn About Mixtures

Ms. Velez's class is learning about mixtures.  Stay tuned for our next Garcia Science News Broadcast. 

Students Using Mystery Envelope Activity

Mrs. Reyes dropped by as our special guest to help us with the TISD Survivor Week 6 Contest.  Fun was had by all in our learning process.

Garcia Science Newscast - Going Green

Our 4th graders create a newscast about Going Green.

What's Happening in Our Science Lab?

Students conduct various experiments to learn about force and motion, different properties of soils, including weathering, erosion, and deposition.

Our 4th Graders Conducting a Light Experiment

Our 4th grade students are exploring how light travels through different substances. Will it be translucent, transparent, or opaque?

Hector P. Garcia Elementary Celebrates Thanksgiving

From Our Garcia Family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!
  1. Enjoy these Virtual Field Trips

    Rainforest Street View


    Under water exploration

    You don't get to walk around like the other aquarium. You do get some up close videos and pictures of under water animals.

  2. How Chocolate is made?

    Videos on how chocolate is made.
  3. Great Wall Of China

  4. Cameron Park Zoo

    Tour the zoo.
    Sites in 3D *but not on our computers*

    Sites in 3D 

    Castles, bridges, parks, tombs, and a lot of other really cool places around the world. You are limited in your movement but the views are really cool.
  5. Ancient Egypt Tour

    Pyramids and Sphinx
  6. National Museum of the U.S Air Force

  7. National Aquarium Tour


    Factory Tours

    This is a video tour for six different objects and how they are made.
    -Bouncy Balls -Fortune Cookies -Sneakers
    -Crayons         -Guitars                   -Wagons

    Stonehenge Tour


  9. Smithsonian Nationa Museum of Natural History

  10. White House Tour