School & Bus Route Locator

Finding student bus number & route 

Looking for your child’s bus stop location and times?  You can find all of that information in Family Access.  Temple ISD will no longer do a phone call home with this information.  Instead, we encourage parents to look at your child’s bus schedule in Family Access.  


You will find the bus information under the Student Info button (View Bus Schedules).

Please remember, on the first few days of school buses often run later than scheduled as children and drivers get used to their routes.  Some children will accidentally board the wrong bus at the end of the school day, and some children will accidentally get off at the wrong stop.  When this happens, please do not panic.  Instead, speak with your child’s bus driver or school administration.  They will notify transportation dispatch and personnel at other stops (this generally happens when a large number of students exit the bus at an apartment complex).  You will be kept notified, and will have the option of picking up your child, or having your child brought to you.

Also, beginning the first day of classes, Temple ISD Transportation operates a Misrouted Student Center at the Transportation Department. The purpose of the center is to provide a safe and central location for students who are still on the bus at the end of their route or were mistakenly placed on the wrong route.  For more information, please visit the Temple ISD Transportation Services website here.