HPG Counseling Department


Welcome to Hector P. Garcia Elementary! My name is Berenice Garza and I am excited and honored to start this school year with your children. I am committed to encouraging, supporting, and empowering our students to become the best version of themselves. My primary task is to help all students become better learners by providing a comprehensive and developmental counseling program that meets their academic, personal, and social needs. 


Each month, a guidance lesson will be presented and focus on a character trait.  During or after the lesson, students may view a video, play a game, or create an activity that enhances the monthly character trait.  When the students know and develop their personal traits, they can work to strengthen them and develop better relationships with their peers.


Some students may also participate in small counseling groups, where 3-6 students share similar concerns and work together in a small group and safe environment.  Individual counseling is available to all students where personal or academic barriers can be addressed.  Discussion topics are based on student’s need and are encouraged to exercise problem resolutions on their own and are guided as needed. 


Some reasons to see or contact your child’s counselor may include, but not limited to:

School adjustment
Test taking
Career/Future planning
Multicultural awareness
Family changes
Academic support
Social/emotional regulation
Crisis intervention
Peer relationship
Experiencing loss, death, grief
Community resources


Any questions, comments, or concerns, please call or email me at any given time. 




Berenice Garza

Phone: 254-215-6132

E-mail:  [email protected]

Information and resources are listed on the right side of this page.   Weekly resources will be added as needed.  Once you click on the desire resource, that portal will be open on another browser for you to explore.  
Hope to see you soon! 
For your information....
Berenice Garza
 School Counselor  
Hector P. Garcia Elementary
2525 Lavendusky Dr.
Temple, TX 76501
Phone: 254-215-6132

Información de Coronavirus en Español. 

Centros para el Control y la Prevencion de Enfermedades 

This is a website with tons and tons of activities for elementary students to make learning enjoyable. 

kids activities 

Yoga for kids 3 years and older.  Cool way to exercise while listening to a story.  Our students have done this before and they love it!  

Cosmic Kids 

The Moodsters
A workbook to assist kids express their feelings.
The Moodsters
Un libro de trabajo para ayudar a los niños a expresar sus sentimientos.


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