Hector P. Garcia Elementary School

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Office Staff

Sandra Reyes Principal  215-6069 sandra.reyes@tisd.org
Betty Moreno Assistant Principal 215-6074 betty.moreno@tisd.org
Esmeralda Garcia Secretary 215-6102 esmeralda.garcia@tisd.org
Nora Silva Attendance Clerk 215-6702 nora.silva@tisd.org
Blanca Howells Counselor 215-6071 blanca.howells@tisd.org
Brittany Stevens Nurse 215-6075 brittany.stevens@tisd.org
Martha Diab Instructional Coach 215-6130 martha.diab@tisd.org
Laurie Cook Instructional Coach 215-5888 laurie.cook@tisd.org
Laura Vaculin Literacy Coach 215-6100 laura.vaculin@tisd.org