Library Online Resources

PebbleGo is a great kid friendly resource for research. There are four databases: Animals, Earth & Space, Biographies and Social Studies. 
  • Can I access Pebble Go at home?
  • To take full advantage of PebbleGo, it is strongly encouraged that students access this valuable resource at school and at home.
  • To access PebbleGo at home, the students can simply go to and type in the username and password for our school. This will allow them the exact same access as in school.


 Kids Info Bits


  • Developmentally appropriate graphic interface
  • Reference content
  • Magazines for elementary students
  • Covers geography, current events, the arts, science, health, people, government, history, sports and more.
  • Text translation into 12 different languages
  • ReadSpeaker text-to-speech technology
  • Citation tools, including EasyBib integration

 National Geographic Kids


  • National Geographic Kids magazine 2009-present (3 month embargo)
  •  200 National Geographic Kids books
  • 500 kid-friendly, downloadable images




  • Provides multidisciplinary Latin American scientific, academic, and general interest materials
  • Covers topics like politics, history, economics, humanities, health sciences, philosophy, literature, science, technology
  •  Includes publications from 14 countries as well as their most important regional newspapers
  •  Esta colección multidisciplinaria provee material iberoamericano confiable de carácter académico, científico y de interés general
  • Abarca temas variados como política, historia, economía, humanidades sciencias de la salud, filosofía, literatura, ciencia, tecnología
  • Incluye publicaciones de 14 países así como los periódicos más importantes de la región
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