Hector P. Garcia Elementary School

Yearbooks are on sale!  Get yours today for only $20! If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Jones through our school directory!
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Library Activities

 Library Showcase


September-October: Cereal Box Book Cover

November-December: shoe box diorama setting for a favorite book

January-February: Book artifact

March-April: Recycle Project

May: Invention


Please encourage your students to participate.  These are things that would really bring families together and promote creativity while away from school.

If you could add them to your newsletters, that would be great!



Special Clubs
5th grade Enrichment Group had so much fun reading "Year of the Book"!  We decided to use the directions on the back cover and make the lunch bag that Anna made in the book.  See the photos and video below!

 Reading Race!

Garcia has conducted 3 Reading Race competitions this year!  Classrooms were challenged to read 10,000 minutes to win special prizes.
Mrs. Vaculin's class won a giant Fly Guy!
Mrs. Rains' class won Popcorn and Pickles!

Mrs. Sierra's class won Cupcakes and Kites!
Keep reading, Gators!